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Our Ministry Philosophy

Our Mission is to:

Proclaim the Gospel

Make Disciples

Plant healthy churches

Cultivate servant leaders

Ministry Philosophy

To us empowering means establishing trust, granting decision-making - problem-solving authority (Matthew 28:18), providing adequate resources, knowledge, and appropriate training to get the job done, and keeping accountability.

Where We Are Working

Unreached people groups (Ethnos, Every Tribe & Nation)

Unreached = An ethnic people group without enough Christians to evangelize the rest of the population.


To achieve our mission we are involved in ministries like the children's ministry through the Christian Schools we help start, mercy ministries, and young adult ministries through education and training at our trade school. We also use projector kits to show the Jesus Film in remote villages, and complete water projects to provide clean drinking water as a vehicle to reach the local community. Through these ministries, we aim to make disciples and plant churches.


To achieve our mission we are involved in ministries like children’s ministry, mercy ministry, young adult’s ministry, Jesus Film ministry, water projects, and sustainability projects like the livestock & agriculture project as a vehicle to reach the target community.. See partnership opportunities

Traveling by Boat
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1014 project
Jesus Film Projector
Food Trailer for Outreach
Jesus Film
church planting
New School
1014 project river crossing
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